Thursday, October 23, 2008

Super Tuesday

Last Tuesday my ward had their annual Super Tuesday craft night. It was a lot of fun. I'm in the same ward as my mother in law so she was there and my sister in law and mom came and made some stuff too. I made liquid soap bottles and a cute magnet board with vinyl lettering.

Here's a picture of me making the bottles.

My mom helping me tie the bows, I hate tying bows they take me forever.

Here's a picture of the soap bottle up close so you can see the cute saying that's inside.

I thought these hand soaps would be a great idea for Christmas presents for friends or neighbors. I can't tell you how it's made because I just put the "saying" insert inside the soap bottle and poured soap inside and tied a bow around it. But I found another blog that tells how to make it. Here is the link Vacuuming in high heels & pearls. The lady who brought the soap bottles said she bought them at Industrial Supply, she said all they had was foam soap bottles. I thought they turned out cute. *If you use the foam bottles you can fill them with any liquid soap but just water the soap down a lot or the soap won't foam.

Making the magnet boards. These were so easy to make, just paint, sand around the edges, measure the metal boards to be even with each other, then glue them on with liquid nails, the drill holes in each corner of the the metal and then hammer tacks into the sides.

The finished look, I want to add a metal handle like on my trick or treat basket to the top and tie it off with ribbon. I think that would look really cute.

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Marcus & Natalie said...

That's funny...we made a lot of the same stuff at our super saturday